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Joofang Hula Hoop

Take hold the hoop with both hands, and press it against yourlower back.

Stand with yourfeet apart and your body should feel relaxed, stable and balanced.

With both hands,fling the hoop to the left so that its inneredge rolls in a circle around yourbody. Do this a few times so that you get the fee of it.

Leave the hula hoop on the ground for a few minutes and practice your hip movements.Circle your pelvis:left, back, right, forward.Do this hip circle movements a few times tillyou get the feel ofit.

Putthe movements together.As you fling the hoop to the left, bring your hip lett to meetthe hoop and then rotate it backand rightand forward, so that your hip is following the
rotation of the hoop.

Practice swinging the hoop from side to side and keep the hoop going around your hip aslong as you can.Wwhen it falls to the ground,pick it up and try again.

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