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650-Tlg Car Push Retainer Clips & Fasteners Kit 16 Sizes Auto KFZ Tool Push DHL

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Key Features:

– These clips fasteners are made of high-quality nylon material, anti-wear and anti-corrosion, suitable for car use.
– Car good accessory, commonly used for fitting side skirt, bumper, car fender, engine cover, door trim panel, interior trim panel and various trim panels.
– 16 different fasteners to meet the needs of different parts of the car, totally 650pcs.
Save your time and money. No need to go to a auto parts store for looking for different clips.
– Push Type Retainer Kit come with a nice clear 3-layer storage box, easier to pick a type of retainer that you want to use.
– Need not worry about lost or damaged body fasteners. All the necessary retainers for exact replacement of old and broken retainers.



Car Brand: Universal
Fasteners have hole size from 6mm to 10mm for Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Jeep, Motorcycle, Chevrolet, etc..
Car trim retainer, car body, bumper retainer, interior door retainer, seat retainer, roof retainer, front side panel retainer, swivel rivets, push rivets, car plastic staples, etc..
If the size and shape meet your requirement, it will also work well.
They can be used on cars, truck, motorcycles, buses, trains, planes, caravans, etc..
To make sure part can fit perfectly, please read item description picture about the dimension of each fastener clip and check size of your car part, or contact us for help.

– Material: Nylon
– Fastener Clips Type: 16 Types
– Quantity: 650pcs Fastener Clips
– Color: Black
– Weight: 865g
– Plastic Storage Box Size: 53cm * 41cm *32cm


Parcel Content:
– 20pcs * YT1235 Fastener Clips
– 30pcs * YT1131 Fastener Clips
– 25pcs * YT170 Fastener Clips
– 20pcs * YT1119 Fastener Clips
– 30pcs * YT0194 Fastener Clips
– 90pcs * YT174 Fastener Clips
– 15pcs * YT1184 Fastener Clips
– 25pcs * YT1117 Fastener Clips
– 25pcs * YT1118 Fastener Clips
– 20pcs * YT1116 Fastener Clips
– 50pcs * YT3122 Fastener Clips
– 50pcs * YT0119 Fastener Clips
– 30pcs * YT0137 Fastener Clips
– 90pcs * YT180 Fastener Clips
– 30pcs * YT1113 Fastener Clips
– 70pcs * YT101 Fastener Clips
– 20pcs * sponge pads
– 5pcs * cable ties
– 4pcs * Panel removal tools
– 1pcs * wrench tool
– 1pc * Plastic Storage Box

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