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JABO2AG-20A Automatic navigation smart bait boat Fishing boat

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The main functions and features of JABO-2BG bait boat:

1.JABO2AG features precise positioning and precise navigation. Positioning, navigation error radius is less than 5 meters, the error is basically within 2 meters when testing

2.JABO2AG can store 8 target nests. Once the target nests are identified for the first time, they can be nested (released) within the radius of 1000 meters on the same surface and different fishing positions. This can achieve accurate positioning and increase the fishing scale. The chance of more fishing also saves on the resources of the bait and increases the enjoyment of fishing. Especially in the occasion of night fishing, ordinary boating can not achieve accurate nesting (free hooking). Even if there is no moonlight in the night, the JABO2BG can be used to correct nests (release hooks).

3.JABO2AG working frequency 2.4g, can be set to 250 frequency points, allowing multiple warships to be used simultaneously in the same fishing ground.

4.Each time the JABO2AG is used, the starting point can be manually (automatically) set. After the successful setting of the starting point, the warship can safely return to „home“ after each departure. JABO2AG also automatically sets the starting point when the starting point is not manually set. Since it takes time to automatically set the starting point to receive the satellite positioning, the starting point of the automatic setting may be relatively far.

5.Each time the ship’s power switch is turned on, the docking crew will automatically begin to establish contact with the navigation satellites. It usually takes 0.5 to 5 minutes to establish a successful connection.

6.The unique design of the automatic bait boat silo has the advantage that the den nests can be visually observed, and the bait silo is automatically reset to run more smoothly. These features are even more pronounced after automatic navigation.

7.The power part of the bait boat is directly driven by a double 545 high-powered motor plus universal joint, which realizes silent drive. By improving the structural design of the motor gearbox of the skip, it also greatly reduces the noise during the operation of the skip.

8. The design of the built-in propeller overcomes the defect that the external propeller is easy to be entangled with foreign materials. It is suitable for use in the occasions where there are aquatic plants and floating objects on the water, and also prolongs the service life of the propeller.

9 In order to be suitable for night operation, two navigation lights of different colors are set on the ship. At night, the operator can control and recognize the navigation direction of the ship according to the different colors of the indicator lights. At the same time, in order to facilitate the fishing night fishing, JABO2AG is equipped with a night light that can be remotely controlled.

10.JABO2AG is not suitable for use in oceans, rivers (running water environment) and windy environments.

11. When it rains on cloudy days, the navigation function may weaken or even fail due to the satellite signal being shielded by clouds!


Main Specifications:
1 Dimensions 615*265*180mm

2 Weight:  3.15kg (including 2x 20A lithium battery)

3 Power Supply: 20A/3.7V Li-ion battery can work for 5-6 hours

4 Speed: 60 meters/minute

5 remote control distance: About 300 meters in water.

6 Drive Components: Dual 545 high-power motors, universal joint connection, silent drive, built-in propeller.

7 main actions: forward, backward, turn right, turn left, release hook  , automatic positioning, automatic nesting, automatic return Features.

8 Bait load: 1kg

9 GPS and Beidou dual-mode positioning can store 8 target dens.

10 electronic compass guide + satellite positioning navigation, navigation accuracy radius is less than 5 meters


Maximum navigation distance: 1000 meters (Note: The maximum navigation distance is not a remote control distance. For example, a fishing friend first uses a nesting boat at point A, and drives the boat to point B. The distance between A and B is less than the remote control distance 300. m; The next time the netizen moves to point C, if the two points C and B are less than 1000 meters and they are in the same water surface with no obstacles, they can also navigate the boat from point C to point B.

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